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Talip Öztürk, Erhan Yaylak


Many countries in the world have defined the teaching profession as professional and legalized this situation within the framework of the teaching profession law (TPL). In recent years in Turkey, upon teachers’ demands on this subject, the Ministry of National Education (MoNE) prepared a plan of the TPL, and it was published in the official newspaper on February 14, 2022. TPL suspended this plan law until March 15, 2022, and the teachers who wanted to review the plan and conveyed their views about the plan on the related web page of the MoNE. This research aims to examine teachers’ views about the plan of Teaching Profession Law. In this context, interviews were conducted on the membership status of the teachers participating in the research, the preparation process of the plan teaching profession law and the methods of obtaining information about the teaching profession law, the evaluation process of the candidate teachers, their teaching career steps and their desire to do postgraduate education, the personal rights of the teachers and the solution proposals for them. The research was designed within the framework of phenomenology, one of the qualitative research methods. Within the scope of the research, data were collected through online semi-structured interviews with eight male and twelve female teachers from different branches. The data were collected in March, and April 2022, read by the researchers, and they removed weak data interviews from the data set. The obtained data were transferred to Atlas.ti qualitative data analysis program and analyzed by the researchers with the content analysis method. Based on the research results, it will be tried to scientifically reveal the views of teachers about the Teaching Profession Law, which will be enacted.


Teaching, Profession law, Career ladder, Personal rights



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Öztürk, T., & Yaylak, E. (2022). Teachers’ opinions on the teaching profession law. Education Mind, 1(1), 28-45.