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Home All Issues Volume 2 Issue 2 Navigating student views on online education: Balancing preferences, challenges, and opportunities

Daniyal Baig


The phenomenon of online education offers personalized learning experiences, easy access to resources, and flexible pacing. However, challenges impacting students’ academic progress emphasize the need for ongoing refinement. The study underscores a strong preference for online education (70%), which aligns with students’ appreciation for its flexibility and customization. Nonetheless, 30% still favor traditional methods, highlighting the need for a balanced approach. Remarkably, 90% support blended learning, combining the strengths of online and in-person instruction. Roughly 50% desire improved technology for online lectures, indicating a need for advancements in online learning platforms. This mixed-methods research involving surveys and interviews with over 100 students delves into these preferences and challenges, emphasizing the importance of adaptation and continuous improvement to meet diverse student needs, ultimately enhancing the overall learning experience in the digital age.


Online learning, Survey, Analysis of education, Blended learning