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Home All Issues Volume 2 Issue 1 Effect of just-in-time teaching strategy on academic performances of students in physics

Moses Oluoke Omopekunola, Ayoola Fagbenro, Ayomide Ojo, Olusoji Akinbo


The study examined how “Just-in-Time-Teaching” (JiTT) affected physics students’ academic performance in Ondo State, Nigeria. Two hypotheses were examined while the study was driven by two research questions. The study used prepost-test control group research design. 100 pupils were adopted for this study. Two secondary schools from the local government region were chosen at random, with one serving as the experimental group and the other as the control group. The study’s target population was SS I students taking Physics in the identified schools. JiTT was used employed to for the experimental group while the control group was given the same information in a normal classroom situation. The Just-in-Time Physics Achievement Test (JiTTPAT), which comprises 20 multiple-choice questions was developed by the researchers on the topic of measurement of physical quantities, was used to gather data with reliability index of 0.76. Mean, standard deviation, and ANCOVA were used to analyze the data with the aid of SPSS. The study came to several conclusion, including the following: JiTT improves student achievement grades in Physcis, and that gender had not contributed to achievement grades of students in physics using JiTT, and treatment and gender had no significant interaction effect on students’ performance in physics. According to the results, it was suggested, among other things, that JiTT be implemented in secondary schools to enhance and improve students’ achievement grades in Physics.


JiTT, Strategy, Performance, Physics



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Omopekunola, M. O., Fagbenro, A., Ojo, A., & Akinbo, O. (2023). Effect of just-in-time teaching strategy on academic performances of students in physics. Education Mind2(1), 56–63.